S. Irfan Ali, MD, CEO

“I believe that excellent patient care starts by treating patients like family, not as puzzles or diseases.

Every person I treat is someone’s family member. They are needed and they are loved. I ensure that the key people in my patient’s lives are informed, respected, and onboard with my patients care. These key people include the patient’s family, primary care doctors, and the nursing staff. Together we can collaborate to can get patients back to their lives.”

Get to Know me

“I am S.Irfan Ali, I am grateful for your interest in our group and spending some time to learn more about  Pioneer.

What excites me the most about my position is having the opportunity to create, innovate, and make an impact in healthcare. I am always on a quest to discover how we can be unique as a group, add value to our patients’ lives, and continue to challenge ourselves to become better.

In my opinion titles are meaningless if people are not aware of the responsibilities that come with them. I truly believe that success is achieved when we fully immerse ourselves in our  roles. I continuously surround myself with people who are trustworthy and much smarter than I am to achieve our common goals.

Pioneer started more as  a concept, a philosophy based on our three Pillars: Teamwork, Compassion, and Patient Centric Care. We are proud to say that we incorporate these principles in everything we do. At the end of the day, everything we do revolves around our patients.

Our journey started from one hospital and one physician and grew to multiple hospitals and hundreds of providers. We have now expanded to be a multi-specialist hospital medicine program and have added Post-Acute care facilities, Pioneer Academy of Knowledge, and Telemedicine services. Our goal was always to become better, getting bigger was a favorable outcome. I feel our success is an outcome of our laser focus on doing what is right for our patients.

One of the most rewarding experiences of my career was the creation of the Pioneer Foundation. We now serve hundreds of homeless citizens at no cost to them. In addition, we carry out multiple projects to serve the underserved. The Pioneer Foundation is inline with our philosophy of compassion. I am a strong believer that holding a patient’s hand and listening to them has a far greater impact than anything else.

I have been a practicing hospitalist involved in leadership for the past 16 years. I went to Sindh Medical College for Medicine in Pakistan. I completed my residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Massachusetts and fellowship  at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at Harvard Medical School. I completed my fellowship in Hospital Medicine Leadership at AdventHealth/CTI. I am also a Fellow with The American Academy of Communication, and I finished The Toyota Production System program in Japan.

There is more to a person than work. I have three beautiful daughters and I live in Tampa. In my free time I like to volunteer with multiple foundations.  I love, traveling, long distance biking, writing, and photography.

Thank you again”

Words I Live By

“I believe in compassion, teamwork, and cutting-edge medicine.”