Erika Ramos

“I work at Pioneer Medical Group as an office assistant. I am team-player and try to learn and do a little bit of everything.”

Get to know Me

“I attended Mercy College where I received my bachelor’s in psychology. Prior to joining Pioneer Medical Group, I worked at FHT in the Therapy Department. I absolutely love working with patients and helping them the best way I can. Before moving to Florida in 2015, I lived in New York for 38 years and worked at Montefiore Medical Center for over 11 years. I worked in Labor and Delivery for 5 and then I was transferred to the ER as a registrar for the remaining 6 years. I worked in Ambulatory Surgery when needed.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with family. I have several hobbies which include selling jewelry which is my side business, listening to music, going to church, and just sitting outside enjoying the beautiful scenery”