Pioneer’s Quality Corner Featuring Dr. Emill Levasseur

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Pioneer’s success is dependent on our unwavering commitment to deliver quality medical care. One of our medical staff members is an example of the Pioneer way, using the Three Pillars: Teamwork, Compassion, and Patient-Centric Care

We congratulate Dr. Emil Levasseur, Pioneer Medical Director at AdventHealth Sebring, on mastering HCAHPS Doctor Communication, and achieving an overall hospital medicine score for March 2021 of 90.5%. Ranking 1st out of 78 hospitalists throughout Pioneer!

Dr. Levasseur’s notable quality strategies include utilizing an insulin PowerPlan to prevent hyperglycemia rather than using a sliding scale. Identifying hyperglycemic patients on his census and checking their blood glucose first thing in the morning. He strategically addresses glycemic management opportunities during MDRs with both the nursing staff and pharmacists.

When asked how he accomplished 100% HCAHPS scores, Dr. Levasseur acknowledged that burnout is real and we all need to take time to rest, disconnect, and care for ourselves before we can care for others. Always pause and be present, patients can sense anxiety, stress, and pressure.

When asked about a special patient he cared for, Dr. Levasseur quickly tells the story about a 90-year-old hip fracture patient who developed pneumonia. She was ultimately intubated in the hospital with septic shock and suffered a stroke. Many advised the family to prepare as the possibility of recovery was quickly diminishing. Dr. Levasseur grew close to the patient’s son who was adamant they continue fighting for a full recovery. Dr. Levasseur fought the odds and supported the son in their fight for his mother. This patient was able to fully recover. Dr. Levasseur continues to receive holiday cards from the patient sharing pictures of cherished memories with her children and grandchildren. These experiences remind Dr. Levasseur of how precious life is and that every patient that he cares for in the hospital is someone’s loved one worth fighting for.

Dr. Levasseur grew up in the Dominican Republic surrounded by family members in the medical field. His father was a dermatologist, his aunt was a pharmacist, and his grandmother owned a pharmacy. From an early age, Dr. Levasseur was inspired by his family and was passionate about finding ways to help those in need.

After completing medical school in the Dominican Republic, he began learning English while studying for the boards. He moved to the United States to complete his residency in hospital medicine at the Lincoln Hospital in New York. During residency, he met his wife, Joanna, who had also moved from the Dominican Republic to complete her residency. While attending a job fair, Dr. Levasseur and his wife learned about an opportunity in Florida. The weather was nice, it was close to home, and had a large Spanish speaking community. Emill & Joanna married in June 2016, moved to Sebring in September 2016, and officially started working for Pioneer Medical Group in March 2017. His leadership skills were quickly recognized by all hospital staff and colleagues. He became the hospital Observation Unit Director and focused on decreasing the length of stay and improving hospital throughput. In 2018, Dr. Levasseur became a physician advisor under the training of Dr. Adeel Husain. In 2019, he became the hospital’s chief of medicine and Pioneer’s team lead.

Throughout this journey, Emill and Joanna welcomed their first daughter, Julia, in February 2019. This is when he began to realize the importance of family and continuously found ways to be more efficient at work in order to achieve a harmonious balance. They expanded their family in December 2020 when they welcomed their second daughter, Isabella. After taking a 6-week break to bond as a new family of four, Dr. Levasseur came back to work rested, happy, and engaged.

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