Patient Experience Training

Everything we do revolves around our patients. We strive to provide excellent patient care.  Every patient, every provider, every time.

Skill Set 1: Beginning

  1. Knock / announce arrival in room
  2. Sanitize / wash-down hands
  3. Greet and use patients name
  4. Give Card and discuss QR code, if appropriate
  5. Acknowledge visitors / ask for permission to talk in their presence.
  6. Always talk to patient at eye level, sit when appropriate.
  7. Do not rush
  8. Build rapport through small talk with patient
  9. Remove communication barriers
  10. Determine all patients concerns: “what else…”
  11. Collaborate on a plan, keeping patient’s priorities in mind
  12. Managing up the team
  13. Clinical goals

Take Away – Create rapport quickly, Elicit the List of All Items, Negotiate the Agenda

Skill Set 2: Relationship-Centered

  1. Utilize open ended questions
  2. Determine expectations
  3. Acknowledge and respond to emotions
  4. Switch to the data portion of interaction

Take Away – Open the conversation, Explore Perspectives & Name Emotions, Respond with Compassion

Skill Set 3: Ending the Encounter

  1. Share information and follow-up plan
  2. Use simple language
  3. Check for understanding (teach-back)
  4. Set appropriate expectations
  5. Make it a lasting impression
    a. Thank patients for allowing you / team to care for them
    b. Check to see if they have any other questions
    c. Hand them thank you card, with your and APP business card (make it personal).
    d. Communicate our commitment to EXCELLENCE: “Our goal is to take excellent care of you, if at any time you feel that it not excellent, please let me know…”

Take Away – Share information, Assess Understanding with ART Loops, Summarize & Clarify, Goal of Excellence

Every Patient, Every Provider, Every Time