2018 Wellness Fair

Most recently, on July 21st Pioneer held its first Tampa Bay Community Health and Wellness Fair at Water Works Park in downtown Tampa. The Pioneer Foundation had 80 volunteers attend from over 12 separate organizations. During the event, over  300 underprivileged community members were served.

This multidisciplinary event offered medical, dental, mental health, spiritual health, and nutrition services. During the fair, people had access to free showers, toiletries, domestic violence counselling, social services, HIV testing, vision care, meals (breakfast and lunch), and needle exchange program.  A shuttle bus transported those in need to and from the park.


“Healing with Compassion”


The Pioneer Foundation contracted the services of Xtra Discount Pharmacy in Zephyrhills. Through the sponsorship of Pioneer Medical Group, this pharmacy began providing complementary medication to those in need. Along our journey,  The Pioneer Foundation noted a high need for dental care access. Despite the primary scope of hospital medicine, the foundation partnered with local dentists to offer access during the Tampa Bay Community Health and Wellness Fair.

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of healing by offering free healthcare to members of the communities we live in.